Water Filtration 8 Things Every First-time Homebuyer Should Know

Buying your first home can be an incredibly exciting time but it can also be extremely stressful. Plus, if it’s a previously owned house that you’re looking at purchasing, you also have the added stress of ensuring the home is in good condition.

We want to help make this process a little easier. In this blog post, we will outline 8 things every first-time homebuyer should know.

Get an inspectioneco-warrior-princess-lUShu7PHIGA-unsplash

Before purchasing your new home, get a thorough inspection done on the plumbing system. Since plumbing structures are hidden from sight, it’s important to find out what’s happening behind the walls and under the floor.

A professional plumbing inspection will show you if there are any issues, if anything needs to be repaired and if anything needs to be replaced.

Talk to the neighbours

lesia-gant-olFlnjzapjk-unsplashTalk to the neighbours and ask about the area. Ask if there are any water drainage issues. Ask if there’s a creek or river nearby that has ever flooded. Finally, ask for an average cost of their water bill each month.


Know how and where to shut off the main water valve116156719_970646450045650_5255635153001453932_n

Make sure to ask your home inspector to show you the location of the water main shut off valve. If there’s ever a water leak, you’ll need to know where the switch is to turn off the water from flowing into the pipes. Knowing where and how to shut off the main water valve will save you from potential water damage.

Test the water

pan-xiaozhen-IYE0ImQlY90-unsplashBe sure to get a water test, especially if the home you are looking at buying is on a well system. A water filtration system might be necessary for foul smelling or contaminated water. A water softening system might be needed too.

Find out if the water comes from a well or the city. If the water comes from a well, ask when the last time the water was inspected. Before purchasing your new home, make sure to taste and smell the water too.

Check the water pressurecarson-masterson-twdis-5ygnY-unsplash

Poor water pressure can be a telltale sign that there’s an issue with the plumbing system. To make sure there’s enough water pressure, turn on more than one shower or faucet at the same time.

Inspect the toilets

giorgio-trovato-876NP3npUMc-unsplashTo ensure the toilets are working and in good condition, make sure to inspect the toilets, as well as the floor around them. Toilets that are constantly running can lead to a high water bill. Once you’ve checked the toilets, inspect the flooring around the base of the toilet. If the flooring feels soft, there might be a leak from the toilet.


Check the water heaterMicrosoftTeams-image-1

Be sure to check the water heater. Look at the age and size of the tank. If the one in the house you want to buy is almost at 10 years old, then you may need to replace it soon. As for the size, a hot water tank should be at least 50 gallons for a family of four so make sure the one in the house fits your family’s needs. You should also check for leaks at the bottom.

Inspect the plumbing pipes

edward-barboza-482186-unsplash-3Make sure to inspect the plumbing pipes. Old pipes and aging plumbing components can contain lead and may need to be replaced with lead-free plumbing parts.


Hopefully, you’ve found this blog post informative and helpful! Feel free to refer back to this blog post when purchasing your first home.