5 Must-have Plumbeeze Products for Every Homeowner

By Melissa Bender

Have you ever wondered about the water system in your home? Should you enhance the water quality? Are your appliances protected from sediment?

Well, we can help. In this blog post, we will outline 5 must-have Plumbeeze products for every homeowner.

Product #1: Point of entry filter

PE-SF10-SM024A point of entry filter, also known as a whole house filter, is beneficial to install whether the house is on well water or city water. To put it simply, a point of entry filter protects your whole house from sediment and is especially beneficial in areas with sediment-rich water. It ensures that the water coming into the home and going out to all the appliances will be clear of sediment. It protects appliances like your water furnace, laundry machine, shower, toilet and sinks.


Product #2: Point of use filter #1

PEHK-05CThis type of point of use filter enhances the water quality. It should be installed directly before the faucet that you use for drinking. There are a variety of filter cartridges to choose from and each one has their own purpose and benefits. A point of use filter can be equipped with another sediment filter cartridge, a taste and odor filter cartridge or a cyst-removal filter cartridge.


Product #3: Point of use filter #2

PEHK-G10B10This type of point of use filter further protects a chosen appliance from even smaller pieces of sediment. It should be installed directly before the appliance that you want to protect. This type of point of use filter can maintain or increase the service life of a rather expensive appliance like a laundry machine or water heater.



Product #4: Float switch

PE-FS20-120_KitIf the house has a basement, the house likely has a sump system and pump. A sump system prevents flooding in the basement, while a float switch tells the sump pump when to turn on and off. When water comes into the sump pit and fills up, the switch reaches a predetermined depth and turns the pump on. When the water level goes down, the switch tells the pump to turn off. Float switches come in a variety of lengths allowing you to choose a predetermined depth.

Product #5: Wall hydrant

PENL-WFQ508A wall hydrant, also known as a garden faucet or lawn faucet, allows you to access your water system outside so you can water your lawn or wash your car. With a Plumbeeze wall hydrant, you can have running water outside all year long, even when it’s below freezing. Some wall hydrants have a vacuum breaker built in to prevent back siphoning. If yours doesn’t have a vacuum breaker, it is best practice to add one.



Hopefully, you have found this blog post helpful and informative. We hope that you learned something useful about how to enhance the water quality in your home, protect your appliances, prevent flooding and access your water system outside.

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